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Obama's Tax Plan Is 'Step Forward,' But Not Enough, Key Republican Says

But Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., added that he thinks the Democratic president "missed the boat by not addressing the fact that the U.S. is the only country ... left in the world" that taxes corporations twice for earnings from overseas.

From Palin's Emails: 'Are You Flipping Kidding???'

Emails from 2009 released on Thursday show her frustration over ethics accusations in the months before she resigned from her post as Alaska governor.

N.H. GOP Moves To Revise State's Contraception Law

Until the current fight over a similar federal regulation, the New Hampshire law requiring contraceptive coverage was on the books for more than a decade without controversy. Now Republicans in the state Legislature are trying to carve out a religious exemption.

In Michigan, Obama Team Builds On 2008 Foundation

Democrats are using next week's GOP presidential primary in Michigan as an opportunity to energize President Obama's core base of support there. The campaign and a superPAC have ads on the air in the state. And the campaign is organizing activities for the president's supporters.

Economy Bogs Down Other Issues For Young Voters

In 2008, Renee Montagne talked to Martinique Chavez, 18, at a presidential debate party in Albuquerque, N.M. At the time, Chavez was undecided but leaning towards John McCain. Four years later, we catch up with her as she prepares to graduate from college and faces a tough economy. They're joined by Martinique's 18-year-old brother Zeke, a Ron Paul supporter.
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D.C. Autonomy Supported By Virginia Governor

Two prominent Republicans have lent their support for calls for greater budget autonomy for the District of the Columbia.


Local GOP Leaders Torn Ahead Of Ohio's Key Vote

Mitt Romney has built the superior organization, but "it's sort of coming together" for Rick Santorum. The two GOP front-runners are battling over the crown jewel of Super Tuesday and a key swing state this fall.

Obama Campaign Buys Air Time In Michigan Touting Auto Bailout

A day after the superPAC supporting President Obama purchased air time in Michigan for a spot attacking Mitt Romney for his opposition to the auto industry bailout, the president's re-election campaign itself bought air time in the state to run a pre-Republican primary ad on the issue.

Auto Bailout A Chief Topic For Michigan Voters

The economy is the top issue for most voters this election year. In Michigan, the political debate over the economy is especially intense. It centers on the federal government's 2009 bailout of the auto industry.