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Obama And O'Brien Take Jabs At Politics And Media (Highlights)

For one night, President Obama joined members of the media in making fun of themselves and each other, as Washington's players in politics and journalism gathered for the 2013 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Comedian Conan O'Brien was the headline speaker.

House Leadership Crashes Into Outside Hurdles On Bills

In several recent cases, Speaker John Boehner's problem hasn't been the Democrats as much as members of his own party, backed by conservative outside groups. But those groups say they could be allies with the House leadership, if only it would push conservative policy.

Conservative Shift Has Some Kansans Yearning For The Past

Journalist Jason Probst says he doesn't recognize his own state. He wrote a faux obituary lamenting Kansas' lost battle with extremism. But Republican Gov. Sam Brownback sees a bright future. He wants to eliminate state income taxes, hoping to build a model for other red states.

U.S. Citizen Faces Trial In North Korea

An American tourist held in North Korea is accused of trying to bring down the country's regime, according to the North's official news agency. The move comes as tensions grow on the Korean peninsula between the isolated North and the South's Western allies.

Plan Would Force Public Companies To Reveal Political Giving

The 2012 election was the most expensive in history, but there remain some gaping holes in our knowledge about who paid for what. The Securities and Exchange Commission is considering a proposal to add more transparency in future elections, but it won't happen without a fight.
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Congress Creates Caucus On Sikh American Issues

Less than a year after the deadly attacks at a Wisconsin Sikh temple, lawmakers have formed a new caucus to address issues facing Sikh Americans.