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Outrage, Apologies At Hearing Into Federal Agency's Vegas Scandal

General Services Administration officials spent excessively on a Las Vegas conference. So far, the agency's top official has resigned and several others have been fired.

Could Billionaire Koch Brothers Ruin Cato?

Charles and David Koch filed two lawsuits against the libertarian think tank that one of them helped found. The brothers say they want Cato to stay true to its 'principles.' But many in Cato say the move will put the brothers in charge and threatens Cato's independence. Cato's Michael Cannon speaks with host Michel Martin.

D.C. Mayor Says Residents Not Free

Monday is Emancipation Day in Washington, D.C. In 1862, more than 3,000 slaves in the nation's capital were freed. Host Michel Martin speaks with Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray about Emancipation Day, and why he says Washington still suffers from a type of slavery.
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The Politics of Guns in America

This week marks five years since the Virginia Tech shootings. But advocates for gun control have made little progress. The politics behind America's gun culture.

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Analysis: Secret Service Scandal Fallout, GSA Hearings This Week

Congress probes GSA spending scandal in hearings this week; U.S. Secret Service under fire after officers were accused of misconduct involving a prostitute during a presidential trip to Colombia.

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Vincent Orange Solidifies Win In At-Large D.C. Council Primary

D.C. Council member Vincent Orange has won the Democratic primary for his at-large D.C. Council seat, despite a close challenge from rival Sekou Biddle.


Christians Debate: Was Jesus For Small Government?

Conservatives like Republican Rep. Paul Ryan are using religious arguments as they push for cuts to taxes and to services for the poor. That's prompting liberals to push back, saying it goes against Jesus' command to care for the poor.
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Obama Continues Pushing For Buffett Rule

As Obama tries to drum up support for the so-called 'Buffett Rule,' Republicans are continuing the fight to unwind regulations and cut taxes.