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Shifting Retail Landscape Tilts Support For Online Sales Tax

The U.S. Senate seems ready to let states collect sales tax from more online retailers. Support for the measure has increased as businesses have converged their online and offline sales. "We're looking for consistency" in how taxes are collected, says the owner of a St. Louis pet store chain.

The Meaning Of Boston: Depends On Your Angle, Literally

The opportunistic political sentiment of never letting a crisis go to waste has been reframed since the Boston bombings by those seizing on the attack as certain evidence of their positions. But a national security expert warns against the inclination. "It's difficult to make law by anecdote," he says..

Giffords Group's Radio Ads Hit McConnell, Ayotte On Gun Vote

A pro-gun control superPAC started by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, onetime astronaut Mark Kelly, launched radio ads against Republican Sens. Mitch McConnell and Kelly Ayotte for voting against bipartisan background check legislation.

When Conscience Conflicts With Constituents

Last week, the Senate voted against a proposal for background checks on gun buyers. Several senators from states with strong pro-gun constituencies cast votes supporting the checks despite voter polls. On divisive issues, politicians may often face a choice between personal and public opinion.

How About You Be The Decider

George W. Bush opens his presidential library this week in Dallas, where an interactive game gives visitors a taste of presidential decision-making. From one angle, Decision Points Theater is a cool learning tool. From another, it raises the question: Could an American president benefit from crowdsourcing?