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Congressional Allies Turned Enemies In Redistricting

Due to redistricting, veteran Democratic Congressmen Brad Sherman and Howard Berman have been thrown into a high-stakes primary contest in the same Southern California Congressional district. And because of California's top-two primary system, Berman and Sherman are likely to face one another again in the fall.

Calif. Budget Deficit Nearly Doubles To $16 Billion

The California budget deficit has grown to $16 billion; that's nearly double the amount Governor Jerry Brown had announced earlier this year. Brown is calling for increased sales and income taxes and cut backs in state programs.

Romney And Obama: A Tale Of Two Commencement Speeches

President Obama was in exceedingly friendly territory Monday at New York's Barnard College. Mitt Romney, meanwhile, wasn't quite Daniel in the lion's den in his Saturday speech at evangelical Liberty University. But some seniors questioned why a Mormon was giving their commencement address.

The Job: Dig Up Dirt On Politicians

Opposition political researchers are dedicated to exhuming skeletons in candidates' closets, from past votes to past marriages. They hope to both protect their clients, and to damage their opponents. And the fruits of that labor often winds up in the headlines.

Obama Campaign Questions Lessons Of Romney's Business Experience

President Obama's re-election campaign is attacking Mitt Romney's business experience, perhaps his strongest selling point as a candidate, in a new TV ad in five swing states. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee's campaign responds that it "welcomes" the "pivot back to jobs."