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Poll: Obama Approval Up, Effectiveness Down; GOP In Doldrums

Pew survey finds Americans place gridlock blame largely on GOP, but there's good news and bad news for Obama, Democrats and Republicans
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Shibley Telhami: "The World Through Arab Eyes"

The Arab uprisings in the Middle East have profoundly altered politics in the region. Using a decade’s worth of original polling data, a political scientist explains the driving forces behind the Arab Spring and the future of Arab politics.

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High Stakes Battle Over Judicial Appointments

President Barack Obama nominates three candidates to the D.C. federal appeals court. Diane and her guests discuss how the fight over appointing judges could set the stage for a battle over the filibuster in the Senate.

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Maryland Lt. Governor Set To Announce Gubernatorial Bid

Maryland's Lt. Governor Anthony Brown is expected to announce his bid for the state's highest office on Friday.


S.C. Voters Confer Comeback Title On Mark Sanford

Former Republican Governor Mark Sanford reclaimed his political career Tuesday night, winning the South Carolina congressional seat he once held. He defeated Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in a special election.

Congress Considers Patch To Keep Helium Supply Afloat

The Senate is considering legislation to prevent a global helium shortage from worsening in October. That's when the Federal Helium Program is set to terminate.

Cantor's Rebranding Effort Tested By House Republicans

The House majority leader has pushed an agenda aimed at creating "health, happiness and prosperity" for American families. But so far Rep. Eric Cantor has had a mixed record in getting his fellow Republicans to go along with the effort.