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The Teenaged "Troublemaker" Fighting For Science

Zack Kopplin has been fighting to have the "Louisiana Science Education Act" overturned since it was first passed in 2008, and he was in high school. Critics of the SLEA say it's used to introduce creationism and other non-scientific theories into public school science class. Kopplin, now at Rice University discusses his continuing campaign against the act.
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Analysis: Maryland Lawmakers Support Proposal For FBI Headquarters Relocation

David Hawkings, political columnist at Hawkings Here talks about the latest developments in competition among jurisdictions vying to be the new home of the FBI headquarters.

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Senate Votes To Open Gun Control Debate

By a vote of 68 to 31, the U.S. Senate voted to consider expanded gun control legislation, which is already farther than most expected it to go.


On Message: Who Wants To Cut Social Security?

The part of President Obama's fiscal 2014 budget plan getting the most attention is his proposal to change the way the government calculates inflation for Social Security beneficiaries. Economists call it chained CPI; some politicians call it fodder for the midterm elections.

Notes On A Sex Scandal: Rebounding From Disgrace

Politicians who were caught up in sex scandals have often achieved second careers in media and lobbying. Now, some want to go all the way and return to elective office.
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The Politics Hour

Kojo and Tom Sherwood talk with Kimberly Perry, the new executive director of D.C. Vote, and Maryland Sen. Brian Frosh (D-Montgomery County).


'Chained CPI' Worked Into Obama's 2014 Budget

President Obama has released his vision for the nation's finances for the coming decade. For many Democrats, changing the way the cost of ling is adjusted violates a campaign promise to protect Social Security and the middle class.