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Top Executives Quit Komen After Planned Parenthood Controversy

At least five top officials quit the Dallas-based organization after it took a decision — since reversed — to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood. And there have been calls for the group's founder and chief executive to resign.


Obama Returns To Oklahoma Talking Oil

President Obama visited Oklahoma for the first time since taking office and announced an executive order to speed up review of a U.S.-only portion of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. His announcement came as Republicans criticized his administration over rising gas prices.

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Analysis: Balancing Federal Retirees And Budget Cuts

In the coming years, a wave of federal retirees will strain government balance sheets. Government Executive's Amanda Palleschi discusses some attempts to address the growing liability.

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JOBS Act Moves Forward, Despite Local Resistance

Senate lawmakers passed a modified version of the JOBS Act on Thursday over the objections of many of the region's centers, who say the Senate should have different priorities.

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Finally, Compromise On Virginia's State Budget

Some were predicting that the budget stand-off in Virginia would last for months, but it appears as though a two-year, $85 billion deal has been reached in the State Senate.


How Health Care Ruling Could Shift The GOP Debate

In the lead-up to next week's Supreme Court arguments on the health care act, Republicans have been energized by their desire to see the law repealed. But if the Supreme Court strikes it down, the ruling could complicate the GOP race.


After House, Senate Pushes JOBS Act Through

The Senate again tried to add some investor protections to the JOBS bill, which otherwise would remove SEC oversight from companies with as big as $1 billion in sales that are going public.


Obama Pitches Oil And Pipeline In Oklahoma

The second day of President Obama's all-of-the-above energy tour brought him to Oklahoma.