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On Message: What Obama's Saying (And What He's Not) About Sequester

The key players in Washington seem unable even to define the terms around the debate, much less find a way to stop the automatic government spending cuts set to begin Friday. So today, we're taking a deeper look at the words of President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner

On Message: What Boehner's Saying (And What He's Not) About Sequester

Earlier, we broke down a statement that President Obama has repeated about the sequester. As we continue trying to decipher the messaging war over the mandated budget cuts scheduled to kick in Friday, we now take a look at the political talking points of House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.
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Md. Senate Accepts Controversial Changes To Gun Control Legislation

A Maryland gun control measure continues to make its way through the state Senate, after a controversial amendment restricting guns to those committed for mental health issues was separated from the bill.


Economists See Budget Cuts Putting The Recovery At Risk

Nearly all economists in a recent poll believe growth is "likely to be negatively affected" by the automatic federal spending cuts set to go into effect starting Friday. The $85 billion in cuts could have wide-ranging impacts, from military spending to consumer confidence.

Is There Really A 'Line' For Immigration?

When it comes to immigration reform, politicians on both sides of the aisle talk about sending undocumented immigrants to the 'back of the line.' But for many people seeking legal entry, it's not as simple as getting in line. Host Michel Martin talks with Matt Cameron, immigration lawyer and creator of thereisnoline.com.
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Analysis: As Sequester Looms, Untangling The Web Of Federal Furloughs

The automatic federal budget cuts are expected to be messy, but as Tom Shoop of Government Executive explains, it becomes more complicated when the agency in charge of furlough appeals is itself subject to cuts.


Hagel Sworn In As Defense Secretary

After a somewhat stormy debate in the Senate over his confirmation, former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) has taken over the top job at the Pentagon.

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Virginia To Crack Down On Texting While Driving

Fiddling with your phone may soon get you pulled over in Virginia, if legislation is approved by Gov. Bob McDonnell.