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Obama's Promise To Close Guantanamo Prison Falls Short

In January 2009, the president signed an executive order to close the U.S. prison camp. But four years later, the prison remains open, and critics say the president miscalculated how difficult it would be to close the facility that houses terrorism suspects.
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Analysis: Virginia Redistricting Draws Ire Of Warner, Kaine

A controversial plan by Virginia Republicans has Democrats' blood boiling, including, says The Hill's Alex Bolton, U.S. Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, who are calling on the governor to weigh in.


NAACP President On 'Commonality' Of Selma, Seneca Falls And Stonewall

President Obama in his inaugural address made reference to historic events in the women's rights movement, the black civil rights movement and the gay rights movement. The NAACP's Benjamin Todd Jealous talks about the importance of the connection.

President's New Term Doesn't Mean New Day In Congress

While President Obama raised big issues in his inaugural address — climate change, gay rights, immigration, the shooting of schoolchildren — Congress eased back into session Tuesday with other priorities, fighting many of the battles left over from last year.

A Senator's Surprising Inauguration Shout-Out Probably Wasn't So Surprising

Lamar Alexander, the Republican senator from Tennessee, and Alex Haley, the author of The Autobiography of Malcolm X, were close friends and native Tennesseans.