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Maryland Senate Votes To Ban Smoking In Cars With Kids

For the second year in a row, the Maryland Senate has passed a ban on smoking in vehicles with children eight years or younger, and it now moves to the state House.


Iraq War: Retired Marine Faces The Past

It's been 10 years since the United States went to war in Iraq. And it hasn't been easy for soldiers to adjust to life back home. Host Michel Martin speaks with former Marine, Dario DiBattista, about some of the odd experiences he's had since returning — including meeting the widow of a solider he recruited.
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Analysis: Federal Budget Plans And The Government Workforce

One of the major sticking points between the House and Senate budget proposals is cuts to the federal workforce. Kellie Lunney breaks down the differences.

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David Stockman: "The Great Deformation"

President Ronald Reagan’s former budget director on today’s economy. David Stockman on what he calls the corruption of capitalism in America.


Fracking Rule Delays Rile New Yorkers

In New York, expected rules on hydro-fracking for natural gas are overdue, and leaders in Albany seem poised to slow the rule-making process further. The delays are not going over well with some people who hope to cash in on the gas boom.

Scholar Outlines The Long, Rocky Road Of GOP Outreach Efforts

As the Republican National Committee offers criticism and advice for the party after its performance in 2012, a political science professor has come up with a list of sometimes similar GOP outreach efforts of old.

How The Federal Budget Is Just Like Your Family Budget (Or Not)

Amid the budget debate, there's one comparison you hear a lot. As House Speaker John Boehner has put it: "Every family in America has to balance their budget. Washington should, too." But just how accurate is that analogy?