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The Religious Language In U.S. Foreign Policy

Historian Andrew Preston says questions in an undergraduate class he was teaching at the start of the 2003 invasion of Iraq spurred the research for his new book, Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith. "Once I started looking for religion [in U.S. foreign policy], it was everywhere," he says.
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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Rising gas prices pushed consumer costs up in February but overall inflation remained mild; the Senate passed a two-year, $109 billion transportation and infrastructure bill on Wednesday, which now moves to the House; Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum won both Alabama and Mississippi primaries, prompting calls for Newt Gingrich to exit the race; and Federal Reserve "stress tests" on major banks showed all but a few would survive a major economic downturn. John King of CNN, Jackie Calmes of The New York Times and David Chalian of Yahoo News join Diane for analysis of the week's top national news stories.


Thursday Political Grab Bag: Obama And UK's Cameron Showcase Unity

Obama hosted British Prime Minister Cameron... Santorum trails Romney in money as well as delegates... Romney is looking to swing states and districts to boost his claim on the nomination.

Obama's Unofficial Ambassador To The Middle Class — V.P. Biden — Hits Ohio

On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden will give the first in a series of campaign speeches designed to frame the debate for the November election. He's speaking in Ohio, where the Obama campaign notes that 120,000 people are directly employed by the auto industry.
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Gray's Campaign Records Show Links To Suspicious Money Orders

Some of the same donors who contributed suspicious money orders to Council member Vincent Orange also show up in the campaign finance records of D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.


Biden Speeches To Frame Election Debate

On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden travels to Toledo, Ohio, where he'll give the first of four "framing speeches" for the campaign. He'll be talking about what the auto rescue means for that state, and its industrial workforce.

Campaign Videos: A Time-Tested Election Tactic

President Obama's re-election campaign is releasing a video Thursday that looks back on his first term. The video was directed by Academy Award winner Davis Guggenheim and narrated by actor Tom Hanks. But it isn't anything new: Video tributes to candidates have a long history.

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O'Malley Gets Earful Over Gas Sales Tax Plan

The are many concerns regarding Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's plan to apply the state sales tax to gasoline, and he heard an earful of those worries yesterday when he pitched the plan to lawmakers in Annapolis.