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Now You Don't See Them, Now You Do: Pelosi Defends Doctored Photo

Four of the women who are members of the House were a little late to a group photo Thursday. So Pelosi's office digitally added them later. It's a "historic record of who the Democratic women of Congress are," the minority leader says.

It's Official: Electoral Votes Are Counted; Obama & Biden Won

At a joint session of Congress, the Electoral College votes from each state were read aloud.
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Federal And State Efforts To Reduce Gun Violence

New York lawmakers agree on tighter gun control laws. President Barack Obama is expected to announce broad action to curb gun violence later this week. An update on federal and state gun control efforts.


Update: Senate Joins House In Passing Sandy Aid Bill

A second, larger chunk of aid for those devastated in the late October storm will be voted on later this month. There has been bipartisan outrage this week that the House had not acted sooner.

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Susan Crawford: "Captive Audience"

A communications policy expert on why Americans are paying more for Internet access but getting much less.

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New Calls To Renew The Violence Against Women Act

Several high profile rape cases have spurred new calls to address violence against women. Efforts to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

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Sen. Michael Crapo Pleads Guilty To DWI

Despite his Mormon faith and publicly saying he doesn't drink, Idaho Sen. Michael Crapo has pleaded guilty to a DWI.


Secretary Clinton Now Expected Back In Her Office Next Week

The former first lady hasn't been at her desk since early last month. She's suffered from a stomach virus, a concussion and has been treated for a blood clot discovered behind her right ear.
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Analysis: 113th Congress Begins With New Lawmakers And Old Challenges

David Hawkings, editor of the CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing, talks about the freshmen on Capitol Hill, and the challenges some lawmakers will face.