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Michelle Obama: 'Being President ... Reveals Who You Are'

Largely wrung of politics, the first lady's speech plotted parallels in her life and that of her husband, President Obama. She pointedly tracked their humble beginnings and strivings in an unspoken but clear contrast to the privileged upbringing of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.


First Lady Stays Above The Fray In Convention Speech

First Lady Michelle Obama was one of the stars on the first night of the Democratic National Convention. She delivered a ringing, impassioned plea for the re-election of her husband, President Barack Obama.

Payroll Tax Holiday May Not Survive Year's End

Since January 2011, the government has knocked 2 percentage points off the payroll tax, which funds Social Security. But even as the economy appears to still be in a rut, there's little appetite to extend the tax holiday and its $95 billion price tag.

Senate Hopeful Elizabeth Warren To Address DNC

Elizabeth Warren takes the podium during prime time at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday. A new poll has Warren trailing in her bid to unseat Republican Scott Brown for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

Five Takeaways From Tuesday At The Democratic Convention

Takeaways from the convention: "Mom in chief" takes a stand; Ted Kennedy video depicts Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper; defending President Obama's record.

Transcript: Michelle Obama's Convention Speech

Transcript of first lady Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Transcript: Julian Castro's DNC Keynote Address

Transcript of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro's keynote speech Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention.

Mormon Democrats Battling Romney — And What Would Be Church History

With Mitt Romney vying to become the first Mormon president, Democratic members of the predominantly Republican faith have an especially tough sell this year. At the Democratic National Convention, they discuss why they think their religious values are more in line with Democratic policies.

Democratic Convention: A Viewer's Guide

Speakers of interest at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.