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Supreme Court Cheat Sheet: A Quick Guide To The Day 2 Arguments

Who offered the most intense questioning? The grimmest hypothetical example? The best food metaphor? Tuesday's session was filled with sharp rhetorical volleys and clever analogies. Here are the highlights.

Mandate's Fate Seems To Rest On Kennedy, Roberts

After Tuesday's Supreme Court arguments, it is clear where the balance of power lies — in the votes of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy. And the questions they posed to the government were far more direct than the questions posed to the challengers.

Former Sen. Specter Turns To Stand-Up

Arlen Specter: former U.S. senator and current amateur comedian. The Pennsylvania politician delivered his stand-up routine at a New York comedy club on Monday night.

Buddy Roemer Eyes Presidency

He's been a congressman, a governor, the head of a bank and now he wants to be president. Buddy Roemer of Louisiana was running as a Republican. He's now seeking the nomination of Americans Elect: a new online platform for third-party candidates.
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9-Year-Old Boy Petitions Congress To Stop Horse Slaughter

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) was joined by a 9-year-old political activist at the capitol on Tuesday to call for a permenant ban on the slaughter of horses for consumption in the U.S.

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Think Tanks' Growing Role in Policy and Politics

A growing debate over the politicization of think tanks is pitting scholarly-oriented purists against politically-minded advocates. Kojo explores the role DC's many think tanks play in policy and politics.

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D.C. Budget Highlights: What’s Cut, What’s Not

Anticipating a shortfall in the budget next year, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray has released a budget plan that includes a number of cuts and raising revenue through alcohol sales and traffic cameras.


Boehner Eschews (For Now) GOP's Pile On Of Obama For Open-Mic Comment

One Republican who didn't seize on the chance to to jump on Obama for his open-mic remark to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev was Speaker John Boehner who rarely misses a chance to use Obama as a political foil, and vice versa.