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Obama Says New Abortion Laws Turn Back The Clock

President Obama on Friday defended Planned Parenthood at the group's annual meeting and attacked new laws in several states that severely restrict when a woman can have an abortion. "When you read about some of these laws ... you want to make sure you're still living in 2013."

Flight Delays Push Congress To End Controller Furloughs

Delays at the nation's airports surged this week because the Federal Aviation Administration furloughed air traffic controllers to stay within a reduced budget. Now Congress has voted quickly to give the FAA more spending flexibility to reduce staff cutbacks.

House OKs Bill To End Air Traffic Controllers' Furloughs

The Senate passed the legislation on Thursday. President Obama will sign it, the White House says. This means the FAA will be able to shift funds so that the number of air traffic controllers on duty no longer needs to be reduced in order to satisfy sequestration.

Why Can't Traumatic Events Bring Politicians Together?

From the Newtown shootings to the explosions at the Boston Marathon, Americans have faced a number of traumatic events in recent months. But CNN contributor David Frum says that won't change the country's political discourse. He recently wrote about the stalemate in Washington and talks with guest host, Celeste Headlee.

Has Time Been Kind To 'Dubya?'

The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum opened this week in Texas. But what exactly is the 43rd president's legacy? And how should presidents spend their time after leaving the White House? Guest host Celeste Headlee checks in with the Barbershop guys.

ACLU Says Detroit Is Dumping Its Homeless

Detroit police are reportedly taking homeless people off the streets - mostly from tourist areas - and leaving them outside the city limits. The American Civil Liberties Union recently filed a complaint with the Department of Justice. To learn more, guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with Quinn Klinefelter of W.D.E.T in Detroit.

FEC: DOMA Limits Political Donations By Gay Married Couples

Federal election law gives married couples some advantages in making political contributions. The Federal Election Commission this week tried to make those same breaks available to couples in same-sex marriages — but commissioners said they're thwarted by the federal Defense of Marriage Act.
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Analysis: Lawmakers Continue Hashing Out Immigration Reform

David Hawkings, political columnist at Hawkings Here for Roll Call, talks about the latest on the immigration reform bill the "Gang of Eight" is working on.