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State To Appoint New Emergency Management Chief For Garrett County

Maryland's governor is moving to replace the emergency management chief for Garrett County after a sluggish response to the effects of Hurricane Sandy in November.


Kerry Gets Committee's Backing For State; LaHood Leaving Transportation

As expected, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee supports the nomination of Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to succeed Secretary Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood is the latest member of the administration to announce a departure.
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Anne Arundel County Exec Found Guilty Of Misconduct

A judge has found Anne Arundel County executive John Leopold guilty of misusing his security detail.


Obama Says He Enjoys Skeet Shooting; Doubtful Lawmaker Challenges Him

In a long interview about many subjects, the president told The New Republic that he's been skeet shooting at Camp David. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., wonders "why have we not seen photos?" She thinks she should get to shoot with the president. "I bet I'll beat him," Blackburn tells CNN.

Immigration Opponents Remain Adamant, Despite Political Risk

President Obama will address the immigration issue in a speech Tuesday, following hard on the heels of a new overhaul proposal out of the Senate. Despite new momentum on the issue, those who favor a harder line against illegal immigrants are not convinced they need to change tack.
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Virginia Primary Bill Passes State Senate

A bill to make it easier for presidential candidates to get on Virginia's primary ballot has passed in the state senate; now, it moves on to the state house.


It's Time For 'A Rational Approach' To Immigration

An immigration plan announced Monday by a bipartisan group of senators would create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the country and overhaul legal immigration. It also calls for improved border security and better tracking of individuals in the U.S. on visas. Steve Inskeep talks with one of the senators behind the plan, Republican Jeff Flake from Arizona.

Senators Unveil Plan To Fix Immigration System

A bipartisan group of Senators on Monday presented a plan to overhaul the nation's immigration laws. Despite support in the Senate, there will be strong resistance to immigration overhaul from conservative Republicans in the House who operate under a different political calculus.