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Why Does Diversity In Banking Matter?

Stuart Ishimaru has a tough task ahead of him. He's responsible for measuring diversity in the financial world, as the new head of the Office of Women and Minority Inclusion, in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Host Michel Martin speaks with Ishimaru about why promoting diversity in banking and other financial institutions matters.

Americans Remain Split On Same-Sex Marriage, Gallup Poll Signals

While support has risen since the mid-1990s and opposition has declined, for the past two years the split has been close to 50-50.

Voters Tuesday To Decide Lugar's Fate, Walker's Wisconsin Recall Opponent

Voters in Indiana, Wisconsin and North Carolina on Tuesday will decide the outcome of battles many see as proxy wars going into the fall elections. Indiana Republicans will determine the fate of six-term Sen. Richard Lugar, 80, a respected legislator who has run afoul of Tea Party activists.

Santorum Endorses Romney

They don't agree on everything, but they do agree that they want to defeat President Obama, Santorum says of his former rival for the Republican presidential nomination.

Wisconsin's Primary To Pick Gov. Walker's Challenger

The winner of the Dairy State's Democratic gubernatorial primary will face Gov. Scott Walker in a recall election June 5. After he took office last winter, Walker and fellow Republicans in the Legislature pushed through a law limiting collective bargaining rights, and the state has been on fire politically ever since.

Romney Town Hall Shows Risks Of Handing Voters The Mic

Mitt Romney, who appears well on his way to becoming the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, got a taste of the risk of handing voters the microphone at a Monday campaign event in a Euclid, OH manufacturing company.

Uphill Climb For Veteran Lugar In Tuesday Primary

In Indiana, Republican primary voters on Tuesday decide whether to give GOP Sen. Richard Lugar the chance at a seventh term. Polls show him in trouble, with his Tea Party-backed opponent in the lead. But for some, Lugar's perceived strength in the general election will influence their vote.