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GOP Leaders Support Payroll Tax Extension

Congress only has two weeks before inaction would result in a tax hike for 160 million Americans. The payroll tax cut extension passed in late December is set to expire at the end of the month.

Obama Encourages China To Play By 'Same Rules'

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met with Vice President Biden and President Obama on Tuesday. The leader-in-waiting came to discuss economics and other irritants between China and the US, including human rights and defense issues.

An Update On The Presidential Race

Host Robert Siegel talks with Mara Liasson about the state of the 2012 presidential election — the latest in the GOP primary and President Obama's standing.
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Key Maryland Republican Wavers On Gay Marriage

A key Republican supporter needed to pass a gay marriage bill in Maryland is reportedly wavering in his support


Romney's Hard Line On U.S. Auto Industry Good For Primary But Trouble Beyond

In a state so auto-industry dependent, it would seem dubious to call for GM and Chrysler to go through the regular bankruptcy process with all their uncertainties and pain. Experts inside and outside the industry at the time and since said bankruptcies would have meant millions of jobs lost. But Romney's position could appeal to many Michigan conservatives who opposed the bailouts.

Can Congress Ever Restore Payroll Taxes To Their Usual Levels?

What was once considered a normal rate will now be considered a tax hike. Reverting to the status quo is now politically dicey. That could affect Social Security's financing over the long haul.