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Searching For The Sequester In The Middle Of Ohio

It's only been about a month since across-the-board federal spending cuts kicked in, but real, tangible, quantifiable signs of the sequester are proving hard to find so far. Politically, that means — for now, at least — there's not much pressure for Congress to undo or modify it.

Guns, Immigration And Budget On Washington's Agenda

Congress returns from a two-week recess amid reports that a gun deal in the Senate may have gained late momentum; a focus on immigration to include a rally on Capitol Hill and perhaps movement in the Senate; and a budget proposal from President Obama that already has some in his own party fuming.

Britain's Thatcher An Unlikely Icon For American Conservatives

A woman hailing from a place many U.S. conservatives once viewed as a hopeless bastion of liberalism has become an enduring figure for the right. Just as Ronald Reagan helped move conservatism from the fringes of U.S. politics, Margaret Thatcher helped do the same on the international stage.
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Maryland Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

Medical marijuana in Maryland is one step closer to reality, as the Maryland Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of a measure on the last day of the legislative session.

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Analysis: House Lawmakers Continue Working On Postal Service Reform

David Hawkings, political columnist at Hawkings Here, explains why two federal lawmakers are asking the postal service to consolidate services on Capitol Hill.