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House Approves 'Fiscal Cliff' Measure

The House has followed the Senate, and passed a bipartisan compromise that permanently prevents tax rates from rising on household income below $450,000. It also puts deep spending cuts on hold until March. At the White House, President Obama hailed its passage.
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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

The 113th Congress is sworn in. A fiscal deal is reached, but budget battles over spending and the debt lie ahead. And Secretary of State Clinton is released from the hospital. David Corn of Mother Jones magazine, Jeanne Cummings of Bloomberg News and syndicated columnist Michael Gerson join guest host Tom Gjelten to discuss the week's top national stories.


Well, It Is In The Dictionary: Boehner Reportedly Aimed 'F-Bomb' At Reid

As "fiscal cliff" talks grew tense, a certain word was heard at the White House. Of course, it's been said before in Washington.
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Transportation, Education Top McDonnell's 2013 Agenda

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is gearing up for the final General Assembly session of his term as governor, and he hopes to make major strides in the areas of education and transportation. 

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Grosso Sworn In As D.C. Council Member

Wednesday marked the swearing-in ceremony for new and returning members of the D.C. Council, including one fresh face: David Grosso.


Bipartisan Outrage As Vote On Superstorm Sandy Aid Is Postponed

Lawmakers from states hit hard by the October storm thought the House would vote on an aid package before adjourning on Thursday. They found out late Tuesday that a vote has been put off. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., says no one from New York or New Jersey should give his party money now.

It's Not Over: Big Battles Ahead Even After 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal

First there will be a fight over raising the debt ceiling. Then there's another deadline for deep spending cuts. It's like another Lord of the Rings trilogy — we know at least two more stories are coming and it's clear there's going to be a lot of nastiness before the day is (we hope) saved.


Pete Stark, Health Policy Warrior, Leaves A Long Legacy

The California congressman lost his seat this fall. Stark has been part of almost every piece of health legislation enacted while he was in office. The 113th Congress will be the first one in 40 years to convene without him as a member.

Inside The Fiscal Cliff Budget Compromise Bill: Tax Cuts and Tax Hikes

The Senate-approved budget compromise that is meant to allow the U.S. government to avoid higher tax rates and austere budget cuts has tax rates as its central issue. We list some of the bill's effects, from tax credits to rising rates.