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The Boehner Rule? Speaker Bucks House GOP For Some Legislation

House Speaker John Boehner is getting things done at times in spite of his Republican majority. Three major pieces of legislation that passed the House this year did so without the support of the majority of his party's lawmakers.

Judge Intervenes In Heated Battle Over Alabama's Education Bill

A judge has blocked Alabama's governor from signing a school choice bill, after a lawsuit alleged that lawmakers bypassed state rules when they substantially revised the legislation in committee. A vote on the bill was marked by confusion, anger, and accusations of "sleaziness" and "hypocrisy."

Old Triumph Over Young In Federal Spending, And Sequester Makes It Worse

For years, federal programs for seniors and those that help kids have been on a collision course. Now, the moment for real competition may have arrived with the sequestration's automatic spending cuts. While Social Security and Medicare will be largely untouched, programs helping kids could lose billions.
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Maryland Senate Passes Death Penalty Repeal

A bill abolishing capital punishment in Maryland has passed the state Senate Wednesday by a vote of 27-20, after surviving heated debate and attempts to amend the legislation.


Can Michigan Right The Ship For Detroit?

If Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has his way, Detroit will become the sixth and largest city there to come under state control. But steering a city out of crisis can be a tricky task. Host Michel Martin speaks with Jerome Vaughn, of WDET, and Robert Bobb, a former emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, about the situation.
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O'Malley Unveils Gas Tax Plan Resembling Virginia's

Maryland's governor revealed his transportation funding plan on Monday, which would include a 4 percent sales tax on the wholesale price of gasoline.

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Students Rally In D.C. Against More Police In Schools

The tragic shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary has some on Capitol Hill thinking about putting more armed police in schools, but a group of young people rallied against the idea this week, saying to keep guns out of schools.