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Gingrich's SuperPAC Ally Tells How His Candidate Can Still Be Nominee

To hear Rick Tyler of the pro-Gingrich superPAC tell it, Gingrich is sitting in the catbird seat. All he needs to do is wait for the Republican National Convention in Tampa to roll around in August with none of the candidates having the 1,144 delegates required for the nomination.

Obama, Cameron Underscore Ties At News Conference

British Prime Minister David Cameron is in Washington for talks at the White House.

Gingrich Soldiers On After Second-Place Finishes

Robert Siegel talks with Newt Gingrich adviser Rick Tyler about what's next for the former House speaker and the superPAC "Winning Our Future."
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Casino In Prince George's County Under Consideration

A committee in Prince George's County will consider whether the county wants to become home to a high-end casino over the objections of the harness racing industry.


Pew Poll: Good And Bad News For Romney

All was not gloom and doom for the on-again, off-again, on-again frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. A new Pew Research poll indicated that Romney was once again the clear favorite nationally among Republicans and GOP-leaning independents for the nomination, leading Rick Santorum 33 to 24 percent in a poll that was in the field through Sunday.

Santorum's Wins Shake Up GOP Leader Board

Rick Santorum swept the Mississippi and Alabama primaries on Tuesday, leaving Mitt Romney a distant third. Newt Gingrich maintains he'll carry on, and third-place finisher Mitt Romney faces renewed doubts about his ability to win over conservative Republicans, though he's leading the delegate race.
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National Journal: Blackberry Domination Ending On The Hill

The domination of smartphones in the mobile market is beginning to penetrate that last bastion of Blackberry loyalty -- Capitol Hill.