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Sen. Rand Paul Tries To Repair GOP's Image With Minorities

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky gave a speech Wednesday at Howard University in Washington, D.C. He began by posing this question to the audience at the historically black school: How did the party that elected the first black U.S. senator, the party that elected the first 20 African-American Congressmen become a party that now loses 95 percent of the black vote?

Ryan Says He's 'Cautiously Optimistic' On A Bipartisan Budget Deal

The House Budget Committee chairman says the president's budget, which includes cuts to entitlements, amounts to an "olive branch" to Republicans.

Gun Control Bill Clears First Hurdle In Senate

Supporters rounded up more than enough votes to block a bid by some Republicans to filibuster the package. The legislation appears headed for a vote sometime next week.

Rand Paul And Minorities, 'A Date Or A Relationship?'

Senator Rand Paul is reaching out to African-American voters. He recently visited Howard University, one of the country's most prominent historically black universities. Senator Paul talks to host Michel Martin about why he's reaching out, and what his message is for minorities.

Rand Paul's Philosophies: Rhetoric Or Reality?

Host Michel Martin continues her interview with Senator Rand Paul. She asks whether his actions really line up with his libertarian philosophies.

Why Obama's Budget Could Make Health Waves

The administration's budget still matters, even though it's late and the House and Senate have approved their own spending blueprints for fiscal 2014. President Obama laid down markers that could lead to changes in Medicare and Medicaid and affect funding for a broad array of health programs.