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Obama's D.C. Court Nominations Heat Up Battle With Senate

The president announced Tuesday his picks for three vacant spots on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, considered the second most important court in the nation. Getting nominees through the Senate has been a struggle, and by announcing three at once, the president is putting pressure on Republicans.

Special Election Called In New Jersey To Fill Vacant Senate Seat

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is calling a special election to fill the seat of U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who died Monday. The decision means the state will have two statewide elections three weeks apart. NPR's Joel Rose reports.

Sen. Grassley Says Obama Court Nominations Wrong Decision

Republican Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa is the ranking senator on the Senate Judiciary Committee and he has championed elimination of seats on the U.S. court of appeals for the District of Columbia. Sen. Grassley says the workload of the court doesn't warrant the number of justices and other courts could benefit from those seats. All Things Considered host Audie Cornish talks with the senator about the president's nominations to the court Tuesday.

Former Rep. 'Duke' Cunningham Freed After Bribery Sentence

The bribery scheme that former Rep. "Duke" Cunningham was convicted for was an elaborate one, with perks that famously included a yacht named the Duke-Stir. He served more than seven years in prison, after spending eight terms in Congress.

Special Election To Replace Sen. Lautenberg Set For Oct. 16

Lautenberg, a Democrat, died on Monday. New Jersey's Republican governor says his state's voters should determine who will be the senator's successor. Christie will only name someone to serve in the interim.

Room Upgrades, Videos & A 'Star Trek' Parody: Read IRS Audit

An inspector general's report takes aim at how the IRS spent its money at a 2010 conference. It concludes the agency could have spent less than the $4.1 million it expended.