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White House-Issa Fight: Nasty But Normal In Washington

It's what happens when one party holds the White House and the other at least one congressional chamber. Subpoenas are launched like rockets at an enemy camp.

Young Republicans Aim To Revitalize GOP

All Things Considered host Audie Cornish talks with Alex Smith, National Chair of the College Republican National Committee, about their new report, Grand Old Party for a Brand New Generation.
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Richard Haass: "Foreign Policy Begins At Home: The Case For Putting America's House In Order"

The president of the Council on Foreign Relations says the biggest threat to the United States comes not from abroad but from within. Diane and her guest, Richard Haass, discuss why he believes foreign policy begins at home.

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America's Energy Future Beyond Oil And Gas

Natural gas production in this country is booming. On a far smaller scale, so are some alternative energy industries. Please join us to discuss the growth prospects for wind, solar and nuclear power in the United States.


5 Things You May Not Know About Sen. Frank Lautenberg

The wealthy New Jersey senator was a sharp-elbowed politician who left his mark through legislation.

Lautenberg's Death Sets Off New Jersey Senate Scramble

Five-term Sen. Frank Lautenberg leaves a legacy of fighting for mass transit, smoking bans on airplanes and gun control.

Pick 'Em Up, Lock 'Em Up: Getting Tough On Gangs II

Host Michel Martin continues her conversation about a new proposal to crack down on Chicago gangs with Illinois Congressman Danny Davis, former federal prosecutor Ron Safer, and criminal justice reporter Rob Wildeboer.