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General's Dismissal Of Sex Assault Conviction Sparks Anger, Review Of System

Though an officer was convicted by a military panel, that decision was overturned. The secretary of defense says he does not have the authority to step in, and has asked for recommendations on whether the Uniform Code of Military Justice needs to be amended.

Ryan Says His Budget Would Balance In 10 Years

While "opponents will shout austerity," the Republican lawmaker says his plan would still let federal spending grow. It just wouldn't grow as quickly as now projected, he says, and would come into balance if the economy continues to expand and boosts federal revenue.

House GOP Plan Kicks Off Big Week For Budget Wonks

House budget chief and former vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan unveils the House GOP budget plan Tuesday morning. On Wednesday, Senate Democrats will do the same. For more on the GOP plan, Renee Montagne speaks with NPR's Tamara Keith.

Obama Team Stops Saying 'Global War On Terror' But Doesn't Stop Waging It

When President Obama took office, he changed the rhetoric from the Bush years. But he never abandoned the idea of global war — a concept with profound legal implications.

Ben Carson Says No Apology Needed After Controversial Speech

Dr. Ben Carson, a well-known surgeon, made a splash last month when he criticized President Obama's policies in a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. "It's a shame that we've reached a level in our country where we think that you don't have the right to put your opinion out there," he tells NPR.

Dr. Ben Carson: Healthcare Is 'Upside Down'

Dr. Ben Carson is known for blazing trails in the neurological field - including breakthrough work separating conjoined twins. Now he's making waves for his political views. Host Michel Martin talks with Dr. Carson about the current state of healthcare in America and his upcoming speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.