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Flap Over Romney's Tax Remarks Still Generates Buzz

The fall out continues from GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's remarks at a secretly taped fundraising event. In the video, released by Mother Jones magazine, Romney said 47 percent of Americans will vote for President Obama because they pay no income taxes and believe they are victims. On CBS, Obama criticized Romney's remark on David Letterman's program Tuesday night. Earlier, Romney went on Fox to defend his comments.

Why Some Are Exempt From Federal Income Taxes

One thing all parties seem to agree on in this latest campaign controversy is that the proportion of households not paying any federal income taxes has indeed grown larger in recent years. One key factor has been a federal subsidy for low-wage workers known as the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Univision Cries Foul, Hosts Own Presidential Forums

Univision will broadcast the first of two one-on-one discussions with the presidential candidates Wednesday night. The event follows a confrontation between Univision and the Commission on Presidential Debates — the nonprofit group that sponsors and produces candidate debates.
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Evans: D.C. Council Shouldn't Review Large Contracts

D.C. Council member Jack Evans is looking to take the city's largest contracts out of the council's hands, citing the recent struggle surrounding the D.C. lottery contract. 


So What Happens If The Farm Bill Expires? Not Much, Right Away

The farm bill is likely to be left on the table when Congress leaves for recess, but don't panic. The nutrition and commodity programs will likely be extended after Election Day at current funding levels for a while, if the last session is any guide.