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Outside Money Making The Race A Rich Man's Game

Strategists, pollsters and billionaires are discovering that they can have a much bigger impact on the election through outside groups that can raise unlimited amounts of money. These political money men are already changing the way elections are won and lost.

D.C. Mayor's Administration Mired In Scandal

Washington, D.C., Mayor Vincent Gray was elected to office on a platform of anti-corruption. But just two years into his term, a federal investigation has left two former aides pleading guilty to misdeeds during the 2010 election. Gray has denied any wrongdoing. Host Guy Raz talks about D.C. politics with Washington Post reporter Nikita Stewart.

Reading Between The Polls: What Voters Should Watch

Early polling can do much to shape political campaigns, but for voters who are just trying to follow the debate, polls and surveys can seem contradictory and confusing. Host Scott Simon talks with Michael Dimock of Pew Research Center and J. Ann Selzer, president of Selzer and Company, about how to make sense of polling this election season.

Harvard Diversity Stats Put Warren In Hot Seat Again

In Massachusetts, Democratic Senate candidate and Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren continues to be dogged by the question of her American Indian heritage. Friday, in the wake of a report from The Boston Globe, Republican Sen. Scott Brown accused Warren of misleading Harvard about her Native American ethnicity. From member station WBUR in Boston, Fred Thys reports.

Chicago Ward Gives Budgetary Power To The People

The alderman in the 49th Ward became the first elected official in the country to hand over the purse strings to his constituents in 2009. Three years later, the "participatory budgeting" experiment is still attracting new residents to planning meetings.

Can May Polls Predict A November Winner?

Pollsters often ask: "If the election were held today, who would you vote for?" The fundamental problem is that the election is not being held today. But while a lot will change between now and November, strategists say campaigns use early polling to help shape a winning message.
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Analysis: Mayor Vincent Gray, 'A Fool Or A Liar'

With two campaign aides pleading guilty in connection to a federal probe looking into fraud in his 2010 campaign, Washington Post columnist says Mayor Vincent Gray is 'either a fool or a liar,' when he says he wasn't aware of improprieties.


Obama, Romney On Health Care: So Close, Yet So Far

Health care has become one of the starkest contrasts between President Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney in the 2012 campaign. And that's surprising, given that once upon a time they both came up with similar plans to fix the system.