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Bob Perry Was Money-In-Politics Pioneer, Swift Boat Backer

Texas homebuilder Bob Perry was a behind-the-scenes political player who helped bankroll the Mitt Romney campaign last year, and who even before the era of superPACs spent tens of millions of dollars to influence the nation's politics.

Background Checks Bill Gains Backers On And Off Capitol Hill

The Senate is set to take up legislation that would expand gun buyer background checks on the heels of an endorsement from an important gun rights group, and steady pressure from Sandy Hook families.
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D.C. Residents Undecided In Upcoming Special Election

A new poll on the upcoming D.C. Council special election shows the race is up for grabs, with more than 40 percent unsure of who they'll vote for.


Finding Some Laughs On Dreaded Tax Day

Today is 'Tax Day,' and that means misery for lots of people. Tell Me More wants to lighten things up with some tax humor. The Capitol Steps are a political satire troupe in Washington D.C., and their repertoire includes some songs poking fun at taxes.

While Congress Slumbers, Laws Pass Elsewhere

During a time of paralysis in Washington, states are taking the lead on a whole host of issues, from guns and gay marriage to education and tax policy. Of course, not everyone applauds the laws they pass. The Daily Show's Jon Stewart recently called states the "meth laboratories of democracy."

Will Gun Bill Pass Or Fail? Conflicting Signals Yet Again

As the Senate prepares to vote on gun legislation, there are more mixed signals on what will be the fate of a bipartisan plan concerning background checks of gun purchasers.

George W. Bush: 'I'm Comfortable With What I Did'

In a long interview with The Dallas Morning News, the former president says that "nobody likes to be criticized all the time," but that he made the right decisions based on the information he had at the time.