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It's True: 'Mistakes Were Made' Is The King Of Non-Apologies

As the head of the IRS turns to this classic "past exonerative," we look at the history of an oft-used phrase. It came up in the Nixon era, again during the Reagan, Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, and now in the Obama years. It goes back much further, though.

Is The FDA's Caution Hazardous To Our Health?

Some argue that the FDA's approval process — required before new treatments can be sold on the market — takes too much time and money. A group of experts face off over the balance between safety and urgency in the latest Intelligence Squared U.S. debate.

IRS Chief Says 'Mistakes Were Made' But Weren't Partisan

The extra scrutiny given to some conservative groups' applications for tax-exempt status has sparked outrage. Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller blames "shortcuts," not politics. He and other IRS officials didn't alert Congress to what was happening when they could have last year.

Lawmakers Call For Hearings On IRS Scandal

The IRS scandal hands Republicans an unexpected opportunity to chide the Obama administration. It comes as the GOP's resurrected questions about how top officials, including the president, handled the attack last September in Benghazi, Libya, that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

IRS Controversy Revives Questions About Tax-Exempt Issues

President Obama says it's outrageous that the Internal Revenue Service apparently targeted conservative groups for additional scrutiny. Some say there has not been enough scrutiny of groups across the political spectrum that are tax exempt — yet which also advocate political causes.
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Prince George's County Revisiting Sunday Liquor Sales

A measure to allow the sale of hard liquor in Prince George's County was shot down in March, but a workgroup has been formed to try and reconcile the differences.


Clinton White House Crisis Manager Dings Obama's Message Team

Lanny J. Davis., a onetime crisis manager in former President Clinton's White House operation, doesn't give President Obama's communications team high marks.