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In South Carolina, Dead-Voter Fraud Doesn't Quite Live Up To Fears

What initially looked to some like widespread voter fraud in South Carolina will likely turn out to be much more benign. A state official said that out of the first six names checked, five involved clerical or poll worker errors, such as someone marking the wrong voter's name in the poll book. The sixth case involved a man who had sent in an absentee ballot, and then died.
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Loudoun Co. School Board Expected to Vote on Budget

Facing a $36 million budget shortfall, Loudoun County's school board is considering some cost-cutting measures, such as bumping bus drivers and teachers assistants to part-time positions.


Romney Campaign Preemptively Downplays MN, CO And MO Contests

Romney's campaign made available to the world a memo by political director Rich Beeson in which the aide rehearsed all the reasons why nothing that will happen Tuesday evening, indeed in the rest of February or March will stop his boss' inevitable March to the glittering prize of the nomination.
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D.C. Council Shoots Down Internet Gambling

The D.C. Council voted on Tuesday to repeal a provision legalizing internet gambling in the District, though another bill explicitly calling for gambling is reportedly in the works.


Caucuses in Minn. And Colo., 'Beauty Contest' In Mo.

Minnesota and Colorado are holding caucuses Tuesday. And Missouri is holding a "beauty contest" primary, the outcome of which won't affect any of the state's GOP delegates. Host Audie Cornish talks with NPR's Don Gonyea about the contests.

Caucus Counting Troubles Plague Primaries

Republican caucus vote counters seem to be having trouble this primary season. In Iowa, they said Romney won by eight votes, then revised that figure and said Santorum won. In Nevada, they couldn't count 2,000 votes for a day and a half, and then got into a fight about who could vote after sundown at a special caucus for Orthodox Jews.

Meaningless In Missouri? Not In Santorum's View

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is looking for momentum as Republicans caucus and vote in three states on Tuesday: Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. And dissatisfaction with front-runner Mitt Romney in Missouri could point to a potential opportunity for President Obama in the fall.

Why Missouri Voters Have The 'Beauty Contest' Blues

With no delegates at stake in Missouri's GOP primary, many voters are upset that the "beauty contest" will cost taxpayers $7 million. It could also dampen turnout for the March 17 caucuses, which do actually count.