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Analyst: Portman's Gay Marriage Shift May Be 'Tip Of The Spear' In GOP

Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman's endorsement of same-sex marriage, coming less than two weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court hears a pair of challenges to same-sex marriage bans, is being characterized by gay rights activists and others as historic.

The Bush Family Checklist

Jeb Bush is popular in conservative circles and is the third member of the Bush family to be seen as a presidential contender. (The last two were elected.) So is there some sort of How to Be President checklist somewhere in the Bush house? If so, it might look something like this.

Four Faces Of Conservatism: Possible Directions For The GOP

Is it the message or its delivery? That's one of the questions being debated as Republicans — like all parties out of power — plot their comeback. Some think they need to take a new tack on issues; others believe that the GOP's core conservative principles are still political winners.
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Analysis: Maryland To Make Final Vote On Repealing Death Penalty

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about the latest in Maryland's death penalty issue, Virginia's governor's race, and D.C.'s upcoming special election.

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The Future Of The CIA

The future of the CIA and challenges facing the new director: Questions on drones, interrogation techniques and other clandestine operations.


CPAC Goes To Washington: Can They Rally And Rebuild?

Conservative leaders and activists are gathering in Washington this week for CPAC — the Conservative Political Action Conference. There's been a lot of focus on who was invited to speak — like Mitt Romney and Donald Trump — and who wasn't, like Chris Christie. Plus, President Obama is heading to the Middle East for the first time as president next week. Host Michel Martin talks politics with Mary Kate Cary of U.S. News and World Report, and former Obama administration advisor Corey Ealons.
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President Obama's Middle East Trip: A Preview

President Barack Obama travels this week to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. Critical issues for the U.S. in the region.