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Outgoing Acting IRS Director Grilled By House Lawmakers

The House Ways and Means Committee became the first oversight panel in Congress to weigh in on the IRS tax-exempt group controversy on Friday morning.

A Field Guide To Democratic Responses To Scandals

A long week of scandal has been tough on more than just the White House. President Obama's allies are struggling with how to respond to their first taste of really bad news within the administration.
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Talk Of Ending Sequestration Reemerges Amid IRS Scandal

Some lawmakers say the IRS scandal offers yet another example of why Congress should undo sequestration.


After Deadly Chemical Plant Disasters, There's Little Action

Proposals for chemical plants to use "inherently safer" design practices have been blocked by industry executives and their allies in Congress, despite deadly accidents and the risk of a potential terrorist attack that could harm an entire community or city.

Conservative Advice To GOP: Don't Legislate, Focus On Scandals

The political arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation wants GOP leaders to set aside legislation like the farm bill that might turn attention away from questions about the IRS and Benghazi.
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The Role Of The Federal Government In Disaster Relief

President Obama called the tornado that tore through Oklahoma on Monday one of the most destructive in history. Dozens were killed, hundreds injured and neighborhoods flattened. The Federal Emergency Management Agency was immediately...


Could The President's Week Get Any Worse?

From scandals involving the IRS, to spirited Benghazi hearings, it's been a tough week for the Obama administration. But will this bad week really have further political fallout? Guest host Celeste Headlee checks in with the barbershop guys.

Nearly Half The Country Doesn't Know Health Law Exists

A new poll finds 42 percent of Americans aren't sure that the Affordable Care Act is actually a law. Guest Host Celeste Headlee discusses this and other health care-related issues with Mary Agnes Carey, senior correspondent at Kaiser Health News, and NPR's Senior Washington Editor, Ron Elving.