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A New Front In The War On Obamacare: Twitter

Republicans slammed Obamacare with a barrage of three-word tweets. But the White House trolled them in response.

Some Lawmakers Want Big-Budget Groups Included In IRS Debate

The Justice Department is investigating the IRS's flagging of grass-roots conservative groups that sought nonprofit status. But some lawmakers want the debate extended to look at the well-financed activities of existing 501(c)(4) groups that spent millions in the 2012 elections.

Congress: Where Food Reforms Go To Die?

As Congress gets to work on the farm bill, two common-sense, bipartisan reform measures seem to have gotten run over somewhere along the way. The first would set minimum standards for housing egg-laying chickens. The second sought to change how the U.S. provides food aid to people in foreign nations.
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Acting IRS Director Resigns, Lawmakers Divided On Fault

The forced resignation of the acting head of the IRS hasn't placated lawmakers in the region.


Obama Responds To Questions On IRS, Benghazi, AP Phone Logs

President Obama met reporters briefly on Thursday with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, but the American side of the news conference was all about domestic controversies involving the IRS and the Justice Department.