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It's Time For 'A Rational Approach' To Immigration

An immigration plan announced Monday by a bipartisan group of senators would create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the country and overhaul legal immigration. It also calls for improved border security and better tracking of individuals in the U.S. on visas. Steve Inskeep talks with one of the senators behind the plan, Republican Jeff Flake from Arizona.

Senators Unveil Plan To Fix Immigration System

A bipartisan group of Senators on Monday presented a plan to overhaul the nation's immigration laws. Despite support in the Senate, there will be strong resistance to immigration overhaul from conservative Republicans in the House who operate under a different political calculus.

Despite Bipartisan Beginnings, Immigration Overhaul Could Splinter GOP

If President Obama wanted to pick the perfect wedge issue to split the Republican Party, he could hardly have improved on a comprehensive overhaul of the nation's immigration laws. Not that he has an ulterior motive in advocating for action on Capitol Hill. But it works out the same way.

On Climate Change, Americans May Trust Politics Above Preachers

Members of religious groups who have long looked to President Obama for action on climate change may have been encouraged by his inaugural call for tackling the issue. But if studies are correct, most religious Americans take their cue on this issue from political — not religious — beliefs.

In New Immigration Plan, A Fraught Phrase Is Mostly Sidelined

Mostly missing from the bipartisan plan to overhaul immigration: the term "illegal immigrant."
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Opponents Of Maryland Death Penalty Rally In Annapolis

Demonstrators took to the steps of the Maryland state house on Monday to support a bill that would repeal the death penalty in the state.