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Unlike McDonnell, Cuccinelli Has No Plans To Return Gifts From Va. Donor

The Republican contender for Virginia's top office said that the $18,000 worth of gifts he received—including a dinner and trips on a private jet—cannot be returned.


Congress Sends Student Loan Bill To Obama

With an easy House vote, Congress gave final passage to a student loan bill that rescinds the doubling of interest rates that took place July 1. The ultimate product resembles both a House bill that passed months ago and President Obama's proposal this spring and pegs interest rates to a government borrowing rate.

For Once, Congress Plans To Go On Recess Without A Meltdown

Congress goes on its annual August break Friday afternoon. And for the first time in recent years, members will leave town without a full-on crisis over must-pass legislation. No debt-ceiling meltdown, no fiscal cliff, not even a government shutdown. At least, not yet.

As Back-To-School Shopping Begins, Consumers May Turn Frugal

Most economists say this year's back-to-school sales will be slower than last summer's because consumers have been coping with more expensive gasoline and higher payroll taxes. Still, several states are offering tax-free shopping to encourage purchases.

Obama's Fed Pick Quandary: What Does It Mean For His Legacy?

Both Janet Yellen and Lawrence Summers have awe-inspiring credentials. So Obama's decision seems to come down to whose understanding of the economy most closely matches his own, and which candidate is likeliest to have people looking back years from now saying: "That was an inspired pick."

House Votes To Cut Student Loan Rate, Sends Bill To Obama

The Republican-controlled House on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan bill that would allow undergraduates to borrow through the federal Stafford loan program at 3.9 percent for this school year.

As His Campaign Craters, Weiner Picks Fight Over Flight

Why does Anthony Weiner keep going? Even with his campaign engulfed in scandal and embarrassment, the former congressman's frenetic energy and hunger for the spotlight remain powerful forces.

House Republicans Work To Keep IRS Scandal In The Spotlight

Congressional Republicans are accusing the IRS of dodging their questions and requests for documents in the inquiry into the flagging of Tea Party groups seeking tax exempt status. One House committee warns the agency it could use its investigative powers to enforce compliance. And a second committee says it now has proof that conservative groups were treated worse than progressive groups.

Obama Makes Rare Trip To The Hill For Closed-Door Meetings

President Obama made a rare journey to Capitol Hill on Wednesday morning for closed-door meetings with House and Senate Democrats.

As Summer Recess Looms, Congress Remains Inactive

The last week before the long summer recess is usually crunchtime for Congress, but that hasn't been the case for the 113th. New York Times correspondent Jonathan Weisman joins Fresh Air's Terry Gross to discuss why this Congress has passed so few laws.