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Social Security's COLA At Stake In 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks?

The Republican plan to avert the "fiscal cliff" includes a proposal that would change the way inflation is calculated. The change could result in savings of billions, but its getting pushback from Democrats and groups like AARP.
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New Montgomery County Council President Makes History

Montgomery County councilwoman Nancy Navarro was nominated as council president on Tuesday, making her the first Latina woman to ever hold that post.


For Tea Party Activists In Florida, The Health Care Battle Goes On

Even in a state where top Republicans led the legal battle against Obamacare, there's recognition now that Florida has to act fast to comply with the new law. But many Tea Party members are still calling on state lawmakers to reject the health care law.

To Fix The Debt, Compromise Is Key

The nonpartisan group Fix The Debt, has developed a comprehensive proposal to address the so-called fiscal cliff. The ideas, which emerged from the Simpson-Bowles commission, include higher taxes on the wealthy, tax reform and changes to social security and Medicare.

Outgoing Political Mavericks Reflect On Careers

NPR's Neal Conan and Political Junkie Ken Rudin talk with retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), a former Democrat, about the future of moderates in politics. Retiring U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) reflects on the movement he built and the role for Libertarians in the Republican party.

Obama and Boehner Call It Negotiation; The Rest of Us Are Permitted To Laugh

As the president and House speaker try to lead the nation away from the so-called fiscal cliff, experts in the art of negotiation say they're not impressed. "Much of this process is theater," says one. "I think that now, everyone needs to shut up and get to work."