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Obama Not The First To Take Fiscal Fight On The Road

Weekend Edition host Rachel Martin speaks with presidential historian Michael Beschloss about presidents in the past who have taken their policy agenda on the road, as President Obama is doing with his efforts to avert the so-called fiscal cliff.

The 3 Unofficial GOP Rules That Are Making A Deficit Deal Even Harder

The rules adopted by House GOP leaders in recent years are leaving Speaker John Boehner little room to maneuver. To reach an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff, he may have to break at least one of them, analysts say.

Is The Voting Rights Act Outdated?

The most effective civil rights law in U.S. history faces its most serious challenge yet as the Supreme Court prepares to re-examine its constitutionality.

Think Congressional Gridlock Is Bad? If Reid Changes Filibuster Rules, Look Out

Every student of Washington knows the Senate has become the definition of a legislative graveyard, in part because of the frequency with which the minority party invokes its right to filibuster legislation and nominations. The Senate majority leader may push to change that — which could make matters worse.

The Debt Talks: Where One Republican Stands

Weekend Edition host Scott Simon talks with Republican Rep. Bill Huizenga, of Michigan, about his year in Congress and the impending so-called fiscal cliff.

Obama Back In Campaign Mode; This Time, It's Taxes

The president is using email, social media and public appearances to promote his message in the fight over federal taxes on Capitol Hill. The president hopes the campaign will put pressure on Republican lawmakers to come to a deal that would avoid automatic, across-the-board tax hikes.