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Analysis: Lawmakers To Focus On Immigration Reform And Gun Control

Political columnist David Hawkings talks about the latest on immigration reform and the timeline lawmakers are working with.

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Vote On Gun Control Bill Expect In Maryland House Committees

Lawmakers in two Maryland House committees will debate proposed gun control legislation today, with many focusing specifically on the ban of military-style assault weapons like the AR-15.

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Lombardi Trophy Makes Appearance As Maryland Senate Approves Black Liquor Ban

Maryland lawmakers approved several bills today, but a visit from Baltimore Ravens' wide receiver is what had the statehouse buzzing.


Reluctant Justices May Be Forced To Make History

A look back at landmark cases makes clear that the Supreme Court never really knows exactly how its decisions will play out — especially not in the long run. That uncertainty must loom over the justices now as they contemplate the issue of gay marriage.

Federal Budget Cuts Hamper Waste Cleanup At Washington Nuclear Reservation

The Hanford Nuclear Reservation in southeast Washington state is set to lose $182 million due to federal budget cuts known as the sequester. The cuts come just after news that six tanks full of radioactive waste are leaking. Those tanks are filled with millions of gallons of the most toxic nuclear waste on Earth and are not far from the Northwest's iconic Columbia River.
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Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker

Kojo talks with Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker about school reform and economic development.


Obama Forms Presidential Commission To Study Voting Problems

President Obama commented on the long lines for some voters during his re-election acceptance speech last November. And at his State of the Union address, he promised to seek solutions. The new commission will make recommendations to states, but it will not have the power to enforce any changes.

Thieves Target Political Ad Consultants On New FCC Site

The online government database was supposed to bring some transparency to the multimillion-dollar market in political TV ads, letting the public more easily see how much politicians and advocacy groups spend in major markets. But it also has inadvertently opened up some of those involved to fraud.