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Romney Declares 'New Campaign,' And Democrats Seem To Agree

On Tuesday, as he swept all five Republican presidential primaries — the first held since his last credible opponent conceded the race — Mitt Romney declared "the start of a new campaign." On Wednesday, Democrats seemed to agree, launching new swing state ads trying to link Romney to big oil.
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Senate Considering D.C. Budget Autonomy Bill

D.C. is getting another chance at budget autonomy as Sen. Joe Lieberman has introduced a bill that would allow D.C. to manage its own local financial affairs without Congressional intervention.


Romney: A 'New Campaign' Begins

After winning all five primaries on Tuesday, the former Massachusetts governor all but wrapped up the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Now he's pledging to mount a campaign to show "we can do better."

Romney Has 5 More Primary Wins Under His Belt

Mitt Romney has won Tuesday's primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. But he delivered his victory speech in New Hampshire, the state that gave him an important early win in the hard-fought Republican primary season. And New Hampshire will be an important battleground state in the general election battle between Romney and President Obama.

On Campuses, Obama Pitches Low-Cost College Loans

President Obama on Wednesday visits students at the University of Iowa, where he'll again make a pitch for low-cost college loans. It's the last stop on a trip that's taken Obama to two other battleground states: Colorado and North Carolina. He's primarily reaching out this week to younger voters.

Controversial Arizona Law Reaches Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court takes up another incendiary election issue Wednesday when it hears arguments on a controversial Arizona law that targets illegal immigrants. The law has become a model for other states, but last year a federal appeals court blocked enforcement of key provisions.
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GOP Ward 5 Candidate Target Of Harassment

Tim Day, the Republican candidate for Ward 5 in D.C., is asking Democrats in the city to repudiate the acts of vandalism and harassment that have plagued him since 2011.

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Maryland Lawmakers Hope To Reshape Post Office Bill

Before Congress is a bill that could radically change the services offered by the United States Postal Service, and Maryland lawmakers are working to spare an Easton delivery center from the budget axe.


As The Campaign Hits Cruising Altitude, Critics Again Target Presidential Travel

The White House has been fielding questions lately about President Obama's travel — what's official, what's political and whether taxpayers are getting stuck with the bill. The same issue rolls around every time a president runs for re-election. So how does it break down?
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Analysis: Following Scandals, Congress Targets Federal Travel Budgets

With the scandals surrounding the lavish Las Vegas conference held by the GSA and Secret Service agents cavorting in Colombia, The Hill's Alex Bolton says Congress may find traction targetting federal travel budgets.