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Cass Sunstein: "Simpler: The Future of Government"

Cass Sunstein served as President Barack Obama's "regulatory czar" from 2009 to 2012. Glenn Beck called him "the most dangerous man in America." He describes how the administration is trying to simplify government regulations.


A State Apart And, Politically, A World Away

Name your issue — abortion, gun control, taxes, health policy — and it's likely that your state is moving in exactly the opposite direction from some of its neighbors.

Once Again, Polls Show Attitudes Toward Guns Returning To Pre-shooting Levels

Immediately after previous shootings, polls shifted somewhat — then trended back toward earlier levels. A look at recent polls shows that happening again for the most part.

The Politics Of The Guest-Worker Program

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO agreed on a plan for a new system to import temporary workers. NPR senior Washington editor Ron Elving discusses the politics of the business-labor immigration deal. Rusty Barr, owner of Barr Evergreens, shares how he uses the guest-worker program.

Caroline Kennedy To Be Ambassador To Japan? Talk Grows

The daughter of the nation's 35th president has been talked about as a potential envoy to Tokyo. Now, multiple news outlets say they've been told she's President Obama's choice and is being vetted for the job.

Struggling Schools Targeted For Takeovers

Many political leaders say the solution for failing school systems is a takeover. But can mayors, governors or other government leaders actually fix broken schools? Guest host Celeste Headlee discusses the expectations and consequences of school takeovers with Emily Richmond of the National Education Writers Association.

Cable And Corruption In Southern California

The Galloway brothers, Clinton and Carl, spent most of the 1980s fighting to get poor minorities in Southern California access to cable television. It was a struggle that took them from City Hall to the Supreme Court. Clinton Galloway talks with host Celeste Headlee about his new memoir, Anatomy of a Hustle: Cable Comes to South Central L.A.

Is Congress Close To Immigration Compromise?

After years of gridlock, some observers say Congress could be close to a deal on new immigration policy. Guest host Celeste Headlee discusses this and other political news with Republican strategist Ron Christie and former adviser to the Obama administration, Corey Ealons.