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Virginia Lawmakers Gearing Up For 2014 Election

It's been six months since the 2012 election ended, but now lawmakers in the region are turning their attention to the 2014 contest, and that means raising money.


Congress Heads Back To Debt Talks, Immigration

Lawmakers return to Congress on Monday, following a week's hiatus. Host Rachel Martin checks in with NPR congressional correspondent David Welna about what's on their agenda for the upcoming session. Internet sales tax, paying creditors, immigration, Benghazi hearing, Syria, Guantanamo

Democrats Have High Hopes Of Defeating Sanford In S.C.

South Carolina's 1st Congressional District hasn't elected a Democrat since 1978. But in a race against scandal-ridden former Gov. Mark Sanford, Democrats think their candidate, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, has a chance to pull it off in Tuesday's special election.
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House Republicans Preparing Backup Plan For Debt Ceiling

The suspension to raise the debt ceiling expires May 19, and House Republicans are preparing a backup plan in case Congress fails to meet the deadline.