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Obama Actions Would Likely Protect Vast Majority Of Undocumented Immigrants

NPR's Melissa Block speaks with Marc Rosenblum, the author of a new Migration Policy Institute study that found Obama's executive actions could protect some 87 percent from deportation.

Obama Administration Officials Defend Iran Nuclear Deal Before Senate

Secretaries Kerry, Munoz and Lew defend the Iran nuclear deal on Capitol Hill Thursday before a panel that includes several skeptical lawmakers, including two Republican presidential candidates.

Nigerian President: U.S. Refusal To Provide Weapons Aides Extremism

Nigeria's president says the United States' refusal to sell his country needed weapons is aiding and abetting Islamist extremists waging a deadly campaign there. President Muhammadu Buhari made his comments as he ended a four-day visit to the U.S. this week.

As Iran Awaits Sanctions Relief, U.S. Raises Concerns About Lost Leverage

Once inspectors determine that Iran is abiding by a nuclear deal, United Nations and European Union sanctions will be lifted. But some Iranians will remain on U.S. sanctions lists.

Why Disability And Poverty Still Go Hand In Hand 25 Years After Landmark Law

Disabled Americans are twice as likely to be poor as those without disabilities. They continue to face many financial and physical barriers, despite the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Obama's First Trip To Kenya As President Is Less About His Roots This Time

President Obama is heading to Kenya, where his father was born. He'll meet with relatives, but the trip is not strictly personal. There's plenty of official business on the agenda.

Think America's Roads Are Crumbling? Not Quite

A common talking point in the Highway Trust Fund fight is that roads are crumbling. So it may surprise you to know that the country's roads and bridges actually have been looking better lately.

How Democratic-Leaning Detroit Helped Shape Ben Carson's Conservative Views

Detroit is not exactly known as a haven of conservatism, especially in the black community, but a look at where Carson grew up reveals a young man determined to carve his own path.
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Synthetic Drugs and Public Safety

City officials are attributing a recent spike in crime and overdoses to synthetic drugs. We explore what they are, what explains they're popularity and what threats they pose to public health and public safety.


Donald Trump On A Circus Peanut, And More Food Art With A Political Bite

Artist Lauren Garfinkel creates indelible images on edible canvases. Some are silly (Justice Ruther Bader Ginsburg as a nacho supreme), others haunting. All offer food for thought on current events.