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To Fix Federal Transportation Problems, Report Says Ditch Highway Trust Fund

The pool of federal money that goes towards transit and highway projects is dependent on a gas tax that hasn't increased since 1993. A report from the Eno Center for Transportation says the government should ditch that structure altogether.


16 Things Michele Bachmann Will Miss About Congress

The Minnesota Republican is not running for a fifth House term. She wrote in BuzzFeed that she'll miss, among other things, smoke-filled rooms and Seersucker Thursdays.

Justice Department Plans New Cybercrime Team

The reorganization being announced today will "provide a central hub for expert advice and legal guidance" and improve coordination among law enforcement, businesses and elected officials.

Senators Try Again To Make Disclosure Process Electronic

The Senate still prefers paper instead of electronic filings for disclosures of donors and spending. The massive amounts of paper create all sorts of disclosure headaches.
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Demonstrators Rally For Pregnant Women's Rights Outside Supreme Court

Social welfare groups protested outside the Supreme Court Wednesday as justices weighed whether pregnant women can be forced to take unpaid leave.
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Virginia Teachers Tell Richmond: 'No Child Is Standardized'

The accountability system is too restrictive, teachers say, and they're proposing ways for legislators to tweak it.


17 States Sue Obama Over Immigration Actions

Texas, which is leading the states, filed a lawsuit in federal court in the Southern District of Texas. State Attorney General Greg Abbott said the president's action "tramples" the Constitution.

Potential Presidential Candidates Give Speeches On Foreign Policy

On Wednesday in Washington, D.C., three of many men and women who are talked about as presidential contenders gave foreign policy speeches.

Obama Talks Gas Tax And Visas With Business Leaders

President Obama talked to business leaders about tax reform, clashes on immigration and the potential for a government shutdown on Wednesday.

President Obama And The Courts: A Shift In Balance

Journalist Jeffrey Toobin notes how Obama's appointees are a new mix of ethnic minorities, women and gay judges. But a couple of these courts are hearing suits that could undo some of Obama's actions.