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Lame Duck Congress Waddles Up Against A Deadline

As Congress wraps up, it still must pass a federal budget, address immigration and release a torture report. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Washington correspondent Mara Liasson about the agenda.

In Troubled Times, Does 'The Black Church' Still Matter?

As the nation endures a season of racial tension, NPR's Michel Martin talks about the mission of the black church and whether it remains relevant in the social justice movement.

Bill Cassidy Defeats Mary Landrieu In La. Senate Runoff

The Republican congressman pushed out the incumbent senator, boosting the GOP majority in the Senate.

Should A Criminal Record Come With Collateral Consequences?

Maurice Alexander was convicted on a misdemeanor charge, and served 10 days in jail. Six years later, it cost him a chance for affordable housing.


Obama Appointees Could Become Targets For GOP Ire

Two nominees to President Obama's cabinet await Senate confirmation hearings. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with senior Washington editor Ron Elving about their prospects.
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Maryland Gov.-Elect Pledges To Reduce Heroin-Related Crime

Larry Hogan says his lieutenant governor will oversee his administration's effort to reduce heroin-related crime across the state.

Immigration Awkwardness Could Cloud Obama's Meeting With Governors

President Obama is expected to talk about the economy with several governors-elect at the White House, even as one of them spearheads a legal challenge against his executive actions on immigration.

Ashton Carter Nominated For Secretary Of Defense

Unlike outgoing Secretary Hagel, Carter is no former soldier — he's a theoretical physicist but knows the inner workings of the Pentagon well. Leading Senate Republicans say he'll be easily confirmed.

2014: The Year When The Job Market Finally Turned The Corner

Seven years after the Great Recession began, the U.S. job market finally is growing at a robust pace. In November, employers added 321,000 workers, raised wages and extended the average workweek.

Obama Taps Ashton Carter As Defense Secretary Nominee

Carter, a former No. 2 at the Pentagon, would succeed Chuck Hagel. If confirmed, he will be President Obama's fourth defense secretary.