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Retiring Carl Levin Says He Wants To Leave The Senate Fighting

The Michigan senator tells NPR he wants to focus on the fiscal battle, not campaigning, in his last two years. He wants to push for ending tax loopholes and advocate for programs like education, health care and infrastructure.

Republicans Face Off Over Strategy For Picking Candidates

The big donors behind Karl Rove's Crossroads superPAC have started a new project to vet and recruit Republican candidates they believe can win. But some anti-establishment groups have viewed the project as an inside-the-Beltway power grab.
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Virginia 2013 - The Plot Thickens

Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R) decided on Tuesday against mounting an independent campaign for governor, setting up a clash between a pair of high-profile candidates in the commonwealth.


Ryan Budget Proposal Echoes Obamacare While Rejecting It

The proposal describes changes to the Medicare program in Obamacare-like terms. One change would be to the choices seniors would have as part of a "new Medicare exchange" — similar to the insurance exchanges now being built under the Affordable Care Act.

Sharpton 2.0: From Outsider To Insider

The longtime activist hasn't quite overcome the reputation of his early career, but the Rev. Al Sharpton now commands a uniquely powerful platform.
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Compromise On Maryland Pit Bull Liability Collapses

A bill that would have lowered the liability standard for owners of pit bulls has fallen apart after two lawmakers disagreed on a small, but significant point.