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Obama Takes Aim At 'Radical' Republican Budget

Speaking to newspaper editors gathered in Washington on Tuesday, President Obama used his opportunity to rip Republican budget priorities and tax cuts and defend his own efforts to grow the economy and shrink the deficit.

Under Scrutiny, Some Head Start Programs In Limbo

The Obama administration has proposed big changes for the early childhood education program Head Start. Programs the government has labeled "deficient" must now compete for funds to continue operating. But some argue that turning Head Start into a competitive grants program will not be easy.
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Analysis: Fallout From GSA's 'Out-Of-Control' Vegas Conference

GovExec Editor Tom Shoop talks about the fallout from accusations of improper spending by the General Services Administration 


Cheney Released From Hospital

The former vice president received a heart transplant on March 24. He has had severe heart problems, and had suffered five heart attacks, since the age of 37. He's now 71.

Five Things To Watch For Tuesday In Wisconsin, Maryland, D.C.

Impressive wins Tuesday could help Mitt Romney further the growing sense in his party that resistance is futile, that he will be the nominee. It would also make his rivals' arguments for staying in the race, especially those of Rick Santorum, the last not-Romney to pose a threat, sound ever more forced and divorced from political reality.

As Wisconsin Heads To Polls, Romney And Santorum Vie For Last-Minute Support

In Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia, polls show Mitt Romney with a wide lead. Yet Rick Santorum continues to campaign as relentlessly as ever.
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Embattled D.C. Political Donor Receives Millions In City Contracts

Jeffrey Thompson has not only given hundreds of thousands in campaign donations to the D.C. government; his businesses also gotten hundreds of millions in contracts from the D.C. government over the past decade.