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Obama's Late Budget Submission A Strategic Move

President Obama submits his budget on Wednesday and he's more than two months late. But there's a political strategy behind his tardiness — he waited until after both House Republicans and Senate Democrats passed their budget plans.

Will The Future GOP Be More Libertarian?

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul thinks embracing libertarian ideas is one way the party can be more inclusive. And GOP leaders are starting to think he might be onto something.

Immigration Overhaul 'Feels Unstoppable Now,' Backers Say

Thousands of supporters will descend on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. This time, as differences are worked out among interested parties, the optimism is more palpable than it was in past attempts.

Blacks' Election-Day Waits Nearly Double Those Of Whites, But Why?

On Election Day 2012, black voters waited on average nearly twice as long to vote as did whites. The wait time for Hispanics fell in between. While race may have played a role, a researcher suggests geography did, too.

Actor Who Played Satan Scoffs At Obama Comparison

Mehdi Ouazzani is happy to have found some fame for his role as the devil in The History Channel's "The Bible" miniseries. But he laughs at insinuations that his character was made to look like the U.S. president.

Social Security Will 'Lose Credibility' If We Do Nothing

President Obama will announce his annual budget proposal this Wednesday. He's expected to propose cuts to Social Security. Host Michel Martin talks with former Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue about how cuts might affect those Americans who rely on the program.