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Despite Assurances, Civil Libertarians Blast NSA Programs

In a speech Friday, President Obama tried to assure the public that the National Security Agency surveillance programs that recently came to light are all legal and have proper oversight. That assurance is not putting everyone at ease. Robert Siegel speaks with Cindy Cohn, the legal director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

United States Of Outrage: NSA, IRS Overreaches Spark Bipartisan Ire

Even in a starkly polarized era, there are still some issues that can draw together Americans from across the political spectrum and scramble ideological fault lines.
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Lawmakers Weigh Responses On IRS Spending Scandal

Lavish spending by the IRS has prompted apologies and calls to scale back the agency, but some local lawmakers say that would be counterproductive.

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A Tale Of Two Sequesters

Three months after the federal budget cuts known as the sequester took effect, some say the exercise has proved relatively painless, but others insist programs serving the most needy are taking damaging hits. We examine the sequester's local impact and explore how the budget cuts will continue to unfold.


'Nobody Is Listening To Your Telephone Calls,' Obama Says

In his most extensive comments so far on revelations about the electronic data that the nation's spy agencies are collecting, the president also said that the programs "help us prevent terrorist attacks." He said "modest encroachments on privacy" are being balanced against national security.

Senator Clarifies Alleged Ties To White Nationalist Group

Guest host Celeste Headlee and editor Ammad Omar crack open the listener mailbox for backtalk.