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Hillary Clinton Announces Her Support Of Gay Marriage

The move is seen by many as aimed at bolstering a key constituency ahead of a run for the White House in 2016.
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Analysis: Lawmakers Continue Working On Spending Bill To Fund Government

David Hawkings, columnist at Hawkings Here, talks about the latest in lawmakers' efforts to avert a government shutdown.


South Carolina To Hold Primary For Scott's Seat

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford begins his comeback trail Tuesday in the GOP primary for the congressional seat vacated by Tim Scott's appointment to the Senate. There are 16 GOP candidates but Sanford remains by far the best known, and the most controversial.

Can States Go Beyond Federal Law On Voter Registration?

At issue at the Supreme Court on Monday is an Arizona law that requires prospective voters to provide proof of citizenship when they register to vote. A federal appeals court ruled last year that the state law must fall because it conflicts with federal law allowing registration by mail.
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House Lawmakers Concerned About Affects Of Spending Provisions On Sequestration

Some House lawmakers are worried that the massive spending bill includes too many special interest projects, which will increase chances of a government shutdown.

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Former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis Rumored To Be Eyeing Virginia House Seat

Former Rep. Artur Davis switched from Democrat to Republican last year, and used CPAC to promote his new conservative agenda.

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Dan Bongino Says Future Election Run In Maryland Possible

Former Maryland Republican Senate candidate Dan Bongino lost the three-way Senate race to Democrat Ben Cardin, but is still continuing to push his conservative ways in the state.


Planning Trips Worthy Of A President

Spencer Geissinger headed the Presidential Advance Team for former President George W. Bush. Geissinger served Bush during both terms, doing advance work in 98 countries. He shares anecdotes with host Rachel Martin of arranging the scheduling, security and publicity for Bush's foreign trips, with a view toward President Obama's upcoming visit to Israel.