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Sen. Tom Udall On Syrian Resolution

On Wednesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a resolution authorizing President Obama to take military action against the Syrian regime. It goes to the full Senate over the objections of New Mexico Democrat Tom Udall. Steve Inskeep talks with Sen. Udall about his concerns over intervention in Syria.

Rep. Scott: Tired Of U.S. Getting Involved World's Disputes

Republican Rep. Austin Scott held a town hall meeting in Thomasville, Georgia, Wednesday. Among the topics that constituents were there to talk about: Syria. Scott told constituents he doesn't plan to support the resolution authorizing U.S. military strikes in Syria.
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Senators Cardin, Kaine Vote To Approve Syrian Strikes

Area lawmakers voted Wednesday to give President Obama the authorization he sought for delivering air strikes against the Assad regime in Syria.


Bill Clinton Steps Up To Dispel The Confusion Over Obamacare

With less than a month until the launch of the new health care exchanges, polls show people are still mightily confused about how the Affordable Care Act works. So the Obama administration is bringing out the big guns, including former president and explainer-in-chief Bill Clinton.

Congressman And War Vet Argues Against Syria Strike

Melissa Block talks with Rep. Chris Gibson about his opposition to the President's call for military intervention in Syria. The Republican represents New York's 19th district, which includes the Catskills and Hudson Valley. He's also a retired Army colonel and combat veteran. On Facebook, he said he believes intervention would make the situation in Syria worse and make the U.S. responsible for the conflict.

Senate Panel Passes Authorization For Force Against Syria

The Foreign Relations Committee votes 10-7 to authorize the use of force against Syria for its use of chemical weapons.

Skeptical Democrat Takes A Stand Against Striking Syria

House leaders face a tough sell with liberals like Minnesota's Rick Nolan, who has emerged as one of most vocal opponents of military action in Syria.

What Does America Think Of President Obama's 'Red Line?'

The White House is trying to get Congressional support for military intervention in Syria. But a poll shows American citizens are not in favor of attacking. How important is domestic and international support? Host Michel Martin asks two former White House insiders: Ron Christie and Corey Ealons.

Who Are The Smartest People On Twitter?

Host Michel Martin gets a fresh take on some of this week's top stories from the ladies of the Beauty Shop. This week they discuss Fast Company's list of the 25 Smartest Women on Twitter.

So McCain Plays Games On His Phone When He's Bored; Do You?

The Arizona senator was spotted playing a game on his phone as other lawmakers debated whether to strike Syria. "Scandal!" he later tweeted, with tongue firmly in cheek. Be honest, have you ever surreptitiously done such a thing during a boring meeting?