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Gun-Rights Groups Claim Victory On Rapid Series Of Votes

Senate Republicans and a small group of Democrats have teamed up to reject every major gun control proposal President Obama pushed since last December's shootings in Newtown, Ct. The proposals include expanded background checks, a ban on assault weapons and a limit on ammunition magazines.
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The Local & National Politics Of Gun Control

Kojo explores the political dynamics of the gun debate, with a focus on Virginia -- which is still reeling from the Virginia Tech shooting that took place six years ago this week.

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Families Of Newtown Victims Vow To Continue Gun Control Fight

An amendment to expand federal background checks for new gun purchases was shut down in the Senate yesterday, but while advocates felt the blow, they were resolute about continuing the fight.


Obama Uses And Loses Political Capital On Gun Control

The president had put his political weight behind expanded background checks. But if he couldn't get an important win on a popular measure in a Democratic-controlled Senate, what's in store for other parts of his second-term agenda?

Senate Rejects Expanded Background Checks For Gun Sales

The defeat of the measure by a 54-46 vote — six votes shy of the number needed to clear the Senate — marks a major setback for gun-control advocates

GOP Wooing Women & Minorities

The next presidential election is years away, but Republicans are already reaching out to women and minorities. But what does the GOP need to do to win over these voters? Host Michel Martin asks blogger Viviana Hurtado; PJ Media's Bridget Johnson; and political science professor Andra Gillespie.