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Week In News: Guns In U.S., Threats Abroad

The gun control debate continued to dominate the news this week with President Obama coming out strongly in support of reforming the current gun control laws alongside the Newtown families. Host Jacki Lyden speaks with James Fallows, national correspondent with The Atlantic, about that story along with the bird flu in China, North Korea and the Postal Service.

Mother Of Slain Sandy Hook Student Sits In For Obama In Weekly Address

In a rare departure from tradition, Saturday's presidential address was delivered not by President Obama but by Francine Wheeler, whose son Ben, 6, died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Wheeler urged the Senate to pass gun control legislation it has scheduled for debate.

'Straw Purchases' Get Keen Eye In Gun Debate

Congress voted to begin debate on a package of new gun control measures this week, passing a key procedural hurdle. But several proposals face a long road before reaching President Obama's desk. One proposal has garnered bipartisan support: additional measures targeting so-called "straw purchasers" and gun trafficking. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon reports on why advocates say the new measures are necessary, and how one gun, purchased through a surrogate, ended up in the wrong hands.

Immigration Debate Puts Farm Workers Union In Spotlight

The United Farm Workers seemed to be all over Washington this week — lobbying members of Congress and gathering for a big immigration rally outside the Capitol. The union has gotten "a huge injection of leverage" from its role in the immigration debate, one analyst says.

What Obama's Tax Proposal Could Cost Him, And Us

Both President Obama and Republican lawmakers say they're willing to close loopholes in the individual tax code. The argument is over what should be done with the money after that.

ICE Union President Asks Rubio To Leave 'Gang Of Eight'

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement union is concerned the bipartisan group working on immigration legislation is putting a path to citizenship ahead of border security. Florida Republican Marco Rubio is seen as key for garnering conservative support.