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Immigration Overhaul Seems On Track Despite Boston Tragedy

Did the Boston bombings slow or derail efforts to overhaul the nation's immigration system? Early indications are that it's on track.

Anthony Weiner Makes Twitter Comeback

The disgraced politician who resigned his congressional seat after sending sexual images to female followers on the social networking site — and then lying about it — rejoined Twitter on Monday. His first tweet was a link to a policy paper he authored.

Airport Delays Raise Questions About Controller Furloughs

Some travelers faced delays Monday as furloughs of air traffic controllers began taking effect. Thanks to mandated federal budget cuts, the furloughs can't be avoided, the Federal Aviation Administration says. But critics want the Obama administration to cut some other part of the budget instead.
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World Bank President Jim Yong Kim

A conversation with Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank about his plans to reduce extreme poverty by 2030 and address the effects of climate change in the world's poorest nations.


A Rand Paul White House Path Complicated By Dad's Legacy

The Kentucky senator says he's "considering" a 2016 run for the White House. Backers tout the built-in support and money networks established during 2008 and 2012 presidential runs by his father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul. But others view the dad's libertarian legacy as a decidedly mixed bag.
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Analysis: Sequester Cuts Bump Into Heightened Security Concerns

Sequester cuts are beginning to manifest all around the D.C. region. Roll Call's David Hawkings explains the concerns on both Capitol Hill and in area airports.

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Referendum Could Grant D.C. Budget Autonomy

Voters are expected to approve a charter amendment would grant the District more control over its municipal budget.