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As Court Gets To Heart Of Health Arguments, Protests Grow

The talent show outside the U.S. Supreme Court continued Tuesday as activists for and against President Obama's health care law sought to outdo each other with ever more artistic forms of protest.
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Fairfax Considers Increase To Stormwater Tax

Members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors are considering a plan to raise property taxes to pay for stormwater management.


Mitt Romney Rival Digs Up Details On GOP Front-Runner's New Man Cave

Politico reported Tuesday that a rival campaign passed along to it the plans for Romney's new house in Malibu, Calif., which involve a massive renovation of the oceanside property in La Jolla outside San Diego. The report also said Romney has paid a lawyer $21,500 since 2008 to lobby local officials for the needed construction approvals.

Supreme Court Cheat Sheet: A Quick Guide To The Day 2 Arguments

Who offered the most intense questioning? The grimmest hypothetical example? The best food metaphor? Tuesday's session was filled with sharp rhetorical volleys and clever analogies. Here are the highlights.

Mandate's Fate Seems To Rest On Kennedy, Roberts

After Tuesday's Supreme Court arguments, it is clear where the balance of power lies — in the votes of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy. And the questions they posed to the government were far more direct than the questions posed to the challengers.

Former Sen. Specter Turns To Stand-Up

Arlen Specter: former U.S. senator and current amateur comedian. The Pennsylvania politician delivered his stand-up routine at a New York comedy club on Monday night.

Buddy Roemer Eyes Presidency

He's been a congressman, a governor, the head of a bank and now he wants to be president. Buddy Roemer of Louisiana was running as a Republican. He's now seeking the nomination of Americans Elect: a new online platform for third-party candidates.