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Obama Pledges U.S. Support For France In Wake Of Attacks

Hours after news of the Paris attacks broke, President Obama called them "an attack on all of humanity." On Saturday, Obama leaves for Turkey and beyond for a series of international meetings.

Attacks In Paris May Alter The American Campaign Landscape

NPR's Scott Simon talks with Roger Simon, Politico's chief political correspondent, about how the attacks in Paris may change the focus of Saturday's Democratic primary debate in Des Moines, Iowa.

Paris Attacks To Play Big Role In Tonight's Democratic Debate

The terrorist attacks in Paris will likely add a new wrinkle to the second Democratic primary debate, something that has gotten little attention to this point on the Democratic side — foreign policy.

Would More Dinner and Golf Solve Washington's Problems? Ray LaHood Thinks So

The former Transportation Secretary's new book bemoans the end of bipartisanship. Is his vision of compromise a pipe dream?

U.S. Political Reaction To Paris Attacks Split Along Party Lines

Politics is never far from controversy — be it Supreme Court rulings, guns or terrorist attacks, like Paris. The American president — and the people trying to replace him — all weighed in.

Supreme Court To Take Up Debate Over Abortion Restrictions

The court will test the constitutionality of a sweeping Texas abortion law that, if upheld, would allow the kind of major abortion restrictions not permitted in more than 40 years.

'I Started Over': Checking In On Salvadoran Migrants In The U.S.

In July 2014, NPR's Kelly McEvers spoke with Rosy, a Salvadoran immigrant who arrived in Los Angeles with her two children and is seeking asylum in the U.S. NPR checks back in on Rosy and her family.
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Donald Trump's Campaign Gets Serious In Virginia

With less than a month to go before the deadline, only one presidential candidate in either party has submitted signatures to get on the ballot in Virginia: Donald Trump.

GOP Presidential Candidates Speak At Sunshine Summit In Florida

The Republican presidential candidates are all making their pitches at the Sunshine Summit in Florida on Friday. NPR explores what is on most of voters minds and what they make of the candidates so far.

Secretary Of State Kerry Finds Inspiration In Tunisia Ahead Of Syria Talks

Before his latest round of talks in Vienna on the war in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry makes a stop in Tunisia, where the Arab Spring began.