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Why Is It So Hard For Virginians To Access Public Records?

Virginia residents have a hard time getting information on everything from police records to statistics about apple production. Why?
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Comptroller Reacts To Maryland Lawmakers' 'Raid' Of Pension Fund: 'You Just Can't Do That'

The Maryland House of Delegates has given preliminary approval to a budget plan that restores cuts to public education. But to do that, lawmakers made a move that has one top official shaking his head in disbelief.

Bad Blood Gets Worse Between Barack, Bibi And Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu's re-election is likely to cause President Obama more headaches when it comes to dealing with Republicans, the Iran negotiations and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Chicago Mayor's Race Reveals Deep Divide In Democratic Party

Progressives contend former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel favors the wealthy over the working class. But Emanuel's moderate backers say he's more inclusive than he gets credit for.

After Netanyahu Win, What's Next For Israel Still Unknown

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's victory in parliamentary elections shows that Israelis are backing the status quo. But the shape of a new government and the international implications of Netanyahu's victory are still being worked out.

Trade Policy Vote Could Affect Organized Labor's Role In 2016 Election

NPR's Don Gonyea interviews Steven Greenhouse, a former labor reporter for The New York Times, about the AFL-CIO's freeze on Democratic contributions in the lead-up to a key U.S. trade policy vote.

Chicago Race Exposes Progressive, Wall Street Wings Of Democratic Party

The strength of Hillary Clinton's standing in the presidential contest is clouding a left-right divide within the national Democratic Party.
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4 Takeaways From Talk With Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn

One of the most-watched members of Larry Hogan's senior administration is Pete Rahn — the state's new transportation secretary. In an interview, he discusses many hot-button topics, including potentially cancelling the Purple Line and how to pay for transportation.


Attorney General Holder Jokes Republicans Have 'A New Fondness For Me'

The Senate has delayed confirming Holder's successor Loretta Lynch. Sen. Durbin says she's been "asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the Senate calendar."

Obama Picks Kentucky To Win NCAA Tournament, Mixes In Politics

President Obama predicts Kentucky will be crowned college basketball champion and cap off a perfect season. He also picks three top seeds and one No. 2 seed to make the Final Four.