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Republican 'Party' Takes On New Meaning At RNC

Nominating the presidential and vice-presidential candidates is just part of the business conducted at a party convention. Delegates and guests also spend time attending workshops and policy sessions. And then there's the partying — lots of partying.

Some Gay Republicans See Platform Setback As Sign 'Victory Is Near'

Republicans have strong language opposing same-sex marriage in their official platform. While some Log Cabin Republicans are discouraged, others think the vehement opposition they are facing is a sign they're making progress.


GOP Convention Switches On Web Appeal For Isaac Relief

The storm continues to pound much of the Gulf Coast, and convention organizers continue to try to show they can combine politicking, partying and showing concern.

Haley Barbour Assesses Romney's Chances

Now that Mitt Romney's officially wrapped up the Republican Party's nomination for president, he faces a political sprint to November. Former Mississippi governor and past party chair Haley Barbour talks about Romney, the Republican Party, and what lies ahead in the battle for the presidency.

For Party Defectors, A Warm Welcome (Then Maybe Siberia)

Both political parties are featuring high-profile convention speakers who once were on the other side. They get a lot of attention, but their new partisan paths don't always lead to long-term career success.

Speechwriters Offer Advice To Romney For Thursday

Republicans at the convention in Tampa Tuesday officially named Mitt Romney the GOP nominee for president. Former Clinton White House speechwriter Paul Glastris and former Reagan White House speechwriter Peter Robinson join NPR's Ken Rudin to discuss what Romney needs to do in his Thursday address.

The Political Junkie Recaps The RNC So Far

Mitt Romney captured the GOP nomination for president but Ron Paul supporters did not accept defeat without a fight. NPR's Ken Rudin and Brian Naylor speak with Ron Paul campaign advisor Doug Wead about the path ahead for Paul supporters, and Tuesday's big speeches.