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As Convention Day Winds Down, Tampa Hosts Republican (And Other) Parties

In Tampa, the phrase "Republican Party" can take on a whole new meaning as it gets later in the day. While politicians try to stir up emotions with prime-time speeches, nightclubs offer a different outlet.

Four Years Later McCain's Reception Is Much Different

For the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, this just wasn't his show. On his 76th birthday he got respect, but not adoration.


As It Happened: Wednesday At The Republican Convention

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin accepted the Republican Party's vice presidential nomination. Also this evening, the nation heard from the party's 2008 presidential nominee — Sen. John McCain — and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Obama Hits Reddit, Talks White House Beer Recipe, Crashes Servers

With Republicans dominating political news coverage from their national convention in Florida, President Obama took to the popular social news site Reddit Wednesday afternoon for a surprise Q-and-A with users.

Paul Ryan's RNC Speech The Biggest Of His Career

Tonight is Paul Ryan's night. The Vice Presidential nominee will address the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Mara Liasson joins Audie Cornish to talk about the candidate, his politics and policies.

Moderate Republicans Lost In GOP's Official Platform

Two moderate Republicans — former congressmen Mike Castle of Delaware and Tom Davis of Virginia — wonder whether that wing of their party can survive. In years past the party had a component referred to as "Rockefeller Republicans" — named after former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. The group tended to work well with middle of the road Democrats.